Cold Laser Therapy

Our patients have been achieving astounding results with cold laser therapy for a wide range of problems including, neck and back pain, headaches, rotator cuff syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, chronic knee pain, TMJ disorder, and plantar fasciitis.

The benefits of cold laser therapy include:

  • Painless treatment
  • Absolutely no side-effects
  • Fast treatment times
  • FDA approved
  • Great for acute and chronic conditions

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Smarter technology, smarter choice!

We offer effective and unique technology, treatmentprotocols and years of proven technique! By managing their pain, our patients can tolerate intensive therpy techniques earlier in teh rehabilitaiton process to help improve functional gaines and outcomes.

What is Super Pulsed Laser?

- It is the most optimal mechanism for laser delivery

- Highest peak power with the greatest degree of safety of any laser therapy available

- allows for unique control of power and depth

Frequently Asked Questions

What is laser treatment?

A laser is a beam of light in which high energies can be concentrated. This beam of light can be used to stimulate healing and to reduce pain. It is used to increase the speed, quality and strength of tissue repair, resolve inflammation and give pain relief. It has been found to have superior healing and pain relieving effects compared to other methods such as ultrasound, especially in dealing with chronic problems and in the early stages of acute injuries.

Is it safe?

Our laser treatments are completely safe. We will obtain a thorough history from you prior to beginning your treatmet to determine if there is any reason why you could not have laser therapy.

Are my eyes safe when using the laser?

A person should never look directly at a laser emitter or any similar light source for more than 30 seconds. Multi Radiance Medical laser devices are designed to low power specifications with maximum attention to eye safety.

Is low level laser scientifically well documented?

There are more than 120 double-blind positive studies confirming the clinical effects of laser technology. More than 300 research reports have been published and more than 90% of these studies verify the clinical value of laser technology.

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Who uses Multi Radiance Lasers?

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